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10 not many people know about me.

10: I almost died when I was an infant from infection in my throat known as strip throat. Mom has to force feed me cause I was so sick. I was placed in the same crib as another child that was infected with it.
9. I used to where bifocals.
8. I am slightly pigeon toed.
7. I almost lost my arm to Cat scratch fever.
6. I didn’t know I was a red head until middle school.
5. In 2nd grade I had a 12 level vocabulary [Boy what happen to me?]
4. I was Abused and was date rapped [ I am moving along now]
3. When my Grandmother died I promised myself I would never die. Cause I do want my family to feel that pain. Like I did.
2. When I am staring off into space or zoned out most times I am in high amounts of pain. I just don’t like showing distress to anyone.
1. I am very afraid of failing my friends and family.


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Aug. 21st, 2002 12:40 am (UTC)
Sometimes you just gotta say something even though it'll make someone uncomfortable, but, Stephers, you're really a great person and I care alot about you. *hugs*

I think I've failed enough times and let enough people down that I shouldn't have any friends, but I do. I guess I don't give them enough credit to look past my faults and see the person inside who might be failing, but is trying his best. Sometimes when a friend fails, I look down on myself because I know the reason they didn't accomplish their goal was because their true friend (me) wasn't there to offer support.

So here I am to offer support to you. :^) I don't know if I really said anything worth your time to read, but for some reason this was the item on your top 10 list that I felt compelled to respond to. Must say something about my life at this time?
Aug. 21st, 2002 07:44 am (UTC)
Thanks Cosmic!
:: huggles:: And just remember, you might have failed a task or deed. But as a friend it takes a hell of alot to fail that status!
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