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I dont know what the hell it is..

But I am desperatly missing my cat Listo.. I dont think I will ever have another cat ever again the rate I am going. I seem to find myself either witha room mate with a cat. Which is alright.. but it's not "My" Cat. And then there is that off chance I might move in with someone.. slim chances I will ever have one..

It just sux fucking monkey nut sacks. Yeah okay so that was really foul of me to say and most likely selfish .. But that is how I am feeling right at this moment. I just what things to go my way just for some time.

Wait wait wait.. It has.. ::sighs:: Just have to work harder I guess. I just dont see how I can work any harder. I am just about to go nuts.

now I am going into tagents..

1) in a year or so .. if I don thave any god damn plans.. I am just dont know what I am going to do next.
2) I dont think I could live with mom again. But it would help me out alot more.
3) I dont really think there is another option but find my own place so otter can go where ever she needs to go ..
4) Could join the green peace.. but I am too spoil enough said.
5) Could join the Army.. But I think I am to old and not to mnetion I would get my ass kicked around.
6) become a nun? :: blank look:: Nahhhh..
7) move far far away change my name? That is running away Screw that notion!
8) Let's face it I will find a cheap plot of land build a prefade home and live like a lil old lady with all the Cats I want! [Yeah see there we come to a full circle] And have a big fat dildo..

Okay .. Hmm Now you are wondering about me and goth boy..

Well let me put this to a real intresting propective for everyone to

CLEARLY understand.

I am not going to assume what the future will be. I did that once already and got my soul and heart crushed. Mind you this was all my fault. But I dont think I would handel that type of hurt. If I just keep it a little more open and real I can atleast be surprised at the unexpected things in life.

and this is why I get 79% maddness rating people.. I am screwed in the HEAD!


Aug. 21st, 2002 05:49 am (UTC)
Re: grrrr bity bite bite
LOL - row houses. ;)
*pouts, is allergic to most kitties, and has NEVER had a free-roaming house-pet in her life*