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I have answers!

1. What's your name: Family Name.. Stephanie

2. What do you wish your name was: I dont wish my name was anything else. Stephanie might be a poopular name but it fits me just fine

3. How are you: Ehh can't complain

4. Would you ever eat sushi?: I LOVE SUSHI.. Just cant afford it right now.

5. Would you ever eat sushi off a naked body?: Yuppers it's Sushi damn it

6. Have you considered homosexuality?: Nopers.. Odd isnt it?

7. What's your sexual preference?: preference? Ummm Errrumm Greg? Does that work?

8. What were you in a past life?: :blinks: If I tell you .. I will have to Kill you. I rather not say cause it doesnt need to be known but to those that already know. Riiiight Eric..

9. I punch you. Quick, what do you do?: Fuck the dice theory.. I grab your arm and bend in such a way I break it at the elbow. Then knee you in the crouch.

10. When confronted with Britney Spears, you...?: would ask her to be a my drinking bud cause I think she needs a friend more than some person telling her negtive things.

11. What's your favorite coffee?: Hmmmmm I like thick black coffee that will make my spoon melt!

12. What's your political perspective?: Political .. hmmm No matter who the leader is they will be blamed for everything cause they are the ones in charge, It's a hard job being the repersentive of millions of people who blame you for every flaw about you and your choices. Cant always make everyone happy.

13. Are you my Angel?: More like a Fury

14. Do you consider yourself a poet?: Errr.. on to the next question

15. What do you wanna be when you grow up?: Ummm Moving right along

16. There's a naked man in your living room: 0.o For Toadies comment.. Well long as there is not tango music going on .. Or cops in volved..


17. How stupid do you think you are?: Umm Stupid is . is Stupid does

18. How stupid do other people think you are?: I have them all fooled MAWHAHAHAHA!

19. Who the hell do you think you are?: Beeeooochhh I am The phoenix!

20. Is the Wonder bra good or bad?: Umm good and bad.. all depends on the breast..

21a. What happened to question 21?: Umm I ate it .. so
I dont have to answer Toadies question about capital of South Dakota

22. What's your favorite fruit?: :: looks around :: Umm Errrrr.. honeslty .. red apples..

23. Can you feel the love tonight?: Umm not really .. But I am in a mood

24. On a nude beach, you would...?: I would .. get a towle and lay down and relax

25. Make up a story with yourself, a bridge, and a rabbit: I walked across a bridge cause I was chaning the rabbit down the hole.. The End

26. What do you think about contemporary art?: .... I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE THAT DONT UNDERSTAND THE ART AND PURPOSE OF IT! GRRRR

27. Do you like being naked?: Umm yeah .. I guess so .. but I like it only if I am hot

28. If we had proof god didn't exist, what would happen?: I would apply for the job .. cause someone needs to be a God why not me?

29. Do you enjoy cheese whiz? SURE ! I love junk food

30. What's your position on virginity?: It's a Diaese that must be cured

31. On civil unions: :blank looks with drool dripping down:

32. On RuPaul: 0.o

33. On mosquito bites: Ummm west nile thingie sucks

34. On old sitcoms: Define old.. ": Eyes any one :

35. On Fran Drescher: Meow?

36. Are you left handed or right handed?: Little of both

37. Are you smart?: Umm yeah sure I made it this far why now

38. What's your middle name?: NADINE

39. How many personalities do you have?: to many to count and one major one that keeps lieing to me

40. How many piercing do you have?: 5

41. What was your first word?: Good Bye

42. Are you superstitious?: Some what.

43. Do you read your horoscope?: not all the time.

44. Do you believe in that stuff?: Do you beleive in the Easter bunny?

45. Can you do a cartwheel?: yeah ...

46. Do you have contact lenses?: to poor to have them

47. Do you have a retainer or braces?: Used to .. not any more

48. What happened to question 48?: I burned it

49. Do you snore?: Nopers

50. Do you drool in your sleep?: Some times

51. Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?: Umm it all depends

52. Do you keep a journal?: yeah so what? I am a open book

53. What happened to question 53?: It's under The State of Texas

54. Do you like cotton candy?: Love the stuff

55. What instruments can you play?: Used to play trombone. .

56. What happened to question 56?: Damn dude You need to get a clue and stop losing the questions

57. Do you like to sing?: Ummm :: looks around: only to myself.. I hate singing in public

58. Are you any good at it?: :;rubs her head:: Next question

59. Do you like to talk on the phone?: Umm depends on my mood

60. Do you like where you live?: Ehh it's not home.. but home is where the heart is..

61. Are you organized?: in my own mind yes.. to other people no ..

62. Do you sleep with socks on?: When it's cold yes

63. Are you shy?: Yeah I can be

64. Do you talk to yourself?:Umm yeah I do

65. Are you a morning person?: Yup

66. Are you a virgin?: :; looks around:: nope I was Cured along time ago

67. Are you proud of that?: What a very odd question to be asking ...

68. Do you believe in reincarnation?: Yuppers

69. Do you believe in God?: Which one?

70. Do you believe in ghosts?: Yeeeup

71. Do you believe in Big Foot?: I dont know

72. How old do you wish you were?: To be honest. I think it would be nice to relive age 20..

73. What will you name your daughter(s)?: Sushaun..

74. Son(s)?: :shrugs:

75. Have you ever thought you were gonna die? I know I will die.. And I am fine with this.. It's not the death part that bugs me.. it's leaving people I love behind.

76. Where do you wanna go?: somewhere that i can call my own place.. My own world.. my own dreams

77. Where do you see yourself going?: Up in the world soaring with angels..


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Sep. 19th, 2002 06:46 am (UTC)
What were you in a past life?: :blinks: If I tell you .. I will have to Kill you. I rather not say cause it doesnt need to be known but to those that already know. Riiiight Eric..

Riiiiiight Rene... ;P

...still think you shoulda kept your mouth shut about the goose eggs, though! ;D

*ducks, runs*
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