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Things that bring pleasure to me

A list of things that can pleasure me

The sent of fresh cut grass on a early spring morning

A scent of spice looming the air

a smile from a childs face

The taste of chocolate with hints of spice

warm days of leisure under the sun listening to only the sounds of nature

Gental whispers of endearment

The first kiss from a future lover

The warmth of a bed in winter

The thrill of the heart beatin wildly over joy

listening to tales of the past

Remembering the importance of a adventure shared with those you care about.

believing there is no ends of youth.

laughter of happiness

Long lasting hugs

The color Crimson Red with hints of gold

Small things that are trival but with story.

Waking up to the sounds of birds and the sunlight streaming down on my body.

candels in a room.

beef tips with rich brown gravy with the fatest egg noodles.

hearing my name said in a loving tone.

sharing the experience

silence to hear only your own thoughts.

Hearing Thank you, I love you and I miss you.

The rush of excitement

Tears of joy

Showing what you see in your dreams.

Knowing your not alone when there is no one else around.

Loving myself.


riding a horse.

Flying on a clear day.

to travle to places that others take for granted.

Seeing beauty in the ugliest things.

Touching the softness of a babies hand.

Attemping something new with out saying " I can't"

The Challenge




respecting the chaos

Having hope

Loving your family.

Getting a card hand made from a friend.

Spicy foods

Music with a reason to touch me.

Day dreaming of places that can never be reached by physical means.

Waking up in the bed shared by a lover.

Getting letters or calls from those you love.

Giving gifts no matter how small they might be.

Fixing chicken and dumplings.

Fix what is broken.

Never forgetting

Knowing it is alright to be wrong.




Telling someone you care or love them.

Whatching animales live life

witnessing birth

Holding someone in protection

Never giving up.





spirutal words

Texture of sweaters

cozyness of a fire

smell of buring wood..