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Okay so I went over my Great aunts today to pick up a few things :; Bangs head::

Well I thought I was picking up some cooking stuff.. But I also got can junk and bleh.. But on the brught side I got some new clothes as a reward for finding a job. She spent about 120 bucks on me. so now I have two more new slacks two tops and a sweater jacket! yay me!

Got back put the cloest together after the eletric dude left..
I am exhausted .. funny thing is I didnt think an old woman could do that but trying very hard to just nod and grin on a few things.

" I wish you would go back to church."
Yeah sure when I can find one to support Stepherzilla belifes I will be the first on there!

" You need to do what Greg is doing buy a house."
Sorry I am a failure but I am not going to kill myself with house payments when I have a car to pay off!!

" Oh and I am sure Greg doesnt like your cooking. "
Lady does he call you and bitch about me or something?

" I hope you dont end up like your Grandfather. "
My name isnt Dick .. so I think I am fine with that one

Oie.. Got love family to death!