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Where to start?

Well I have been kinda of busy with soical life, working, Having things to do that are my goals.

How am I doing? Well I think I have come down with a sinus infection. :shrugs: Like the hell I really care just be nice not to be weezing.. any ways ..No remdies please .. Trust me I have tried them all and I know what works and was is going to kill me. But thanks any ways ..

Mean while.. I have been working out more on a normal pace again. I had to sort of stop cause I was getting used to the new job. My goal is to build up my upper body more, nothing more nothing less and I know I can do this with in a three month period .. long as I keep myself focused..

Might end up even taking Kick boxing again and something else just cause I want to have fun with it while I can. It's not to help my looks I really dont care, it more of a focus for me to harness my extra energy into something else that is postive. And might as well do it for my health than anything else..

Late Breaking news?

I CAUGHT GOTHBOY ON THE PHONE PLAYING A GAME!!! :: GASP :: Beeeoch said Gota Run need to hurry before I get a Frag!

OMG!! talking about I feel hell freezing over..

Next step is him buying a console.. Be AFRAID when that happens..

It's kinda of funny reading everyone's entries here on LJ and see the issues or happy stuff going on with thier lives. But some people It's like using it as a Message board .. I guess I am guilty for that as well.. Just find it amusing How much LJ is abused for other reasoning..

Welp Phoenix out..