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Sword of Truth

I will protect you, I will accept you with open wings

Twilight Fenix
12 October 1977

Who am I? Some would call me a
friend, sister, daughter and lover. But it doesn’t truly define the existence
of the tomes of my nature. I calm only my truths as my weapon and the wisdom as
my shield. Each step I take I draw new breath that begins anew with more vigor
and determination. My dreams are my escape and my thoughts the lingering ghost
that haunt me with retrospect of the past, what is now and what might be. My
words flow like paint and create my sanity which sometimes is left
to the mercy of the viewer but my advantage is to stand there and let them know
what the truth is of the matter and why I expressed it in that way.


pass and yet I feel that age is not really the factor that crushes us, but the
belief of limitation. Age is only relative by how you use that time. Wasted,
used, consumed or even enveloped time is all that we have to make a moment burn
into the souls of others and a chance to weave those few strands into the tapestry
of our history. Who am I, but the Twilight moment in life, that breaking moment
of magic and fears combined into whirl wind of accelerating moments swept up
and clutched on to for the kindle for the nest of the phoenix to ignite in a
blaze and fall down as ashes.. Just to come again..


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The spirit within me is on fire. I shelter the world with my wings and quench the land with my tears and each breath I draw inspires me to live on.As I am the Phoenix I shall rise from the ashes of past faults and wrongs and soar high with angels

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